How Becky Lynch and Lita Won Women’s Tag Team Titles With Trish Stratus

In the world of professional wrestling, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles are highly coveted, and the matches leading up to their acquisition are always full of excitement and anticipation. Recently, Becky Lynch and Lita won the Women’s Tag Team Titles with the help of none other than Trish Stratus, one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed recap of the match, highlights, and everything you need to know about how Becky Lynch and Lita won the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Trish Stratus’ assistance.

How Becky Lynch and Lita Won Women's Tag Team Titles With Trish Stratus
How Becky Lynch and Lita Won Women’s Tag Team Titles With Trish Stratus (Credit:


The match began with Becky Lynch and Lita facing off against the reigning Women’s Tag Team Champions, Charlotte Flair and Asuka. The two teams battled fiercely, with each side landing some impressive moves. However, it was clear that Charlotte and Asuka had the upper hand throughout most of the match, using their extensive experience and skill to keep Becky and Lita on the ropes.

Just when it seemed that all hope was lost for Becky and Lita, Trish Stratus made a surprise appearance, much to the delight of the crowd. Trish came to the ring and joined Becky and Lita, and together they worked to turn the tide of the match.

With Trish on their side, Becky and Lita were able to mount a fierce comeback, with each wrestler landing some impressive moves that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. In the end, it was a team effort that led to Becky and Lita’s victory, as they finally managed to pin Asuka and Charlotte down and claim the Women’s Tag Team Titles.


The match was full of thrilling moments that kept the crowd engaged and entertained throughout. Some of the most memorable highlights include:

  • Trish Stratus’ surprise appearance: The crowd went wild when Trish entered the ring to help Becky and Lita.
  • Becky Lynch’s impressive moves: Becky pulled off several impressive moves, including a flying leg drop from the top rope that left her opponents reeling.
  • Lita’s signature moves: Lita’s trademark Moonsault and Twist of Fate moves were on full display during the match, and they proved to be instrumental in securing her team’s victory.
  • Charlotte Flair and Asuka’s strong teamwork: Although they ultimately lost the match, Charlotte and Asuka showed why they were the reigning Women’s Tag Team Champions with their impressive teamwork and skill.


Becky Lynch and Lita’s victory over Charlotte Flair and Asuka was a thrilling moment that will go down in WWE history. With Trish Stratus’ surprise appearance, the match was full of surprises and excitement, making it a must-watch for any wrestling fan. We hope this recap has provided you with a detailed and informative summary of the match and helps you rank higher on Google for the keywords you desire.

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