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Key Points from "China approves controversial Hong Kong election overhaul":

1. China has approved a controversial electoral system overhaul for Hong Kong. 2. The changes will drastically reshape the city's political landscape and reduce democratic representation.

The overhaul grants more power to pro-Beijing loyalists and allows for stronger control over the selection of candidates.

The number of directly elected seats in Hong Kong's legislature will be reduced while increasing the number of pro-Beijing representatives.

Only candidates who are deemed "patriots" and have the support of a pro-Beijing committee can run for key positions.

The move has sparked criticism from pro-democracy activists and the international community, who see it as a further erosion of Hong Kong's autonomy and democratic freedoms.

Critics argue that the changes undermine the "one country, two systems" principle that was supposed to guarantee Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy.

The overhaul follows widespread protests in 2019 against Beijing's increasing influence in Hong Kong.

China has defended the changes, stating that they are necessary to ensure stability and national security.

The new electoral system will have far-reaching implications for Hong Kong's governance and could result in a further marginalization of opposition voices.