6 Top-Recommended Exercises for a Lean Body After 40

Discover the six best exercises for achieving a lean body after 40. These top-recommended exercises, including squats, core strengthening, pushups, pull-ups, calf raises, and cardio or plyometrics, can help you stay healthy, improve strength, and maintain independence. Start your fitness journey today!

Considered the "king" of exercises, squats help improve knee, ankle, hip, and spine issues. Perform three sets of 10 squats, gradually increasing your range of motion.



Target your core muscles without causing back pain. Lie on your back, contract the muscle below your belly button, and perform three sets of 10 reps while breathing deeply.


Core Strengthening

A versatile exercise that engages your entire body. Modify as needed, and focus on keeping your core engaged. Complete three sets of 10 pushups.



More advanced, but can be modified for additional support. Activate your core and perform three sets of 10 pull-ups using a pull-up bar, gymnastic rings, or TRX suspension.



Stand on the edge of a step with only your toes on the step. Lower your heels as far as possible and then lift up onto your tiptoes. Perform three sets of 15 to 30 reps.


Heel or Calf Raises

Start with light cardio activities like biking, walking, or rowing. Progress to more intense activities and plyometric exercises, such as burpees, for agility and quick movements.


Cardio or Plyometrics