Understanding Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks

As a Guardian in Destiny 2, you have many ways to improve your skills and power. One of the most important systems for long-term progression is the Guardian Rank, which rewards you with various bonuses as you accumulate experience points. In this guide, we will explain how Guardian Ranks work in Destiny 2, including the mechanics, rewards, and strategies to maximize your gains.

Understanding Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks
Understanding Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks

How to Unlock Guardian Ranks

Guardian Ranks become available after you complete the Forsaken campaign and reach level 50. Once you meet these requirements, you will start earning experience points towards your Guardian Rank, which is displayed as a circular progress bar above your level. You can access the Guardian Rank menu by opening the character screen and selecting the “Guardian” tab on the right.

How Guardian Ranks Work

Guardian Ranks are earned by accumulating experience points through various activities, such as defeating enemies, completing missions, and participating in Crucible matches. Each time you fill the progress bar, you will receive a Guardian Token, which can be spent on various perks in three categories: Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery. These perks provide passive bonuses to your Guardian’s movement speed, damage resistance, and health regeneration, respectively.

Guardian Ranks Perks

There are many perks to choose from in each category, and you can spend your tokens on any of them as long as you have enough. However, each perk has a cost that increases as you unlock more perks in the same category. Therefore, it is important to plan your perks wisely and consider your playstyle and priorities. Here are some examples of perks in each category:


  • Faster sprinting speed
  • Better jumping and airborne accuracy
  • Improved handling and ADS speed for weapons


  • More shields and health
  • Reduced flinch and knockback
  • Increased damage resistance against certain types of enemies


  • Faster health regeneration
  • Reduced ability cooldowns
  • Increased ammo reserves and pickup radius

How to Reset Guardian Ranks

If you want to change your perk choices or start fresh with your Guardian Ranks, you can reset them by spending a certain amount of Glimmer and Enhancement Cores. This will refund all your spent tokens and allow you to redistribute them as you wish. However, resetting Guardian Ranks also resets your progress towards the next Token, so make sure you are willing to sacrifice short-term gains for long-term benefits.

Tips for Maximizing Guardian Ranks

To get the most out of Guardian Ranks, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Focus on one category at a time to unlock the most useful perks first.
  • Consider your subclass and playstyle when choosing perks, as some perks are more effective with certain abilities and weapons.
  • Use your tokens wisely and avoid wasting them on perks that do not suit your needs or preferences.
  • Complete bounties and challenges to earn bonus experience and speed up your progress.
  • Reset your Guardian Ranks only if you are confident that you can make better choices and sacrifice short-term gains for long-term benefits.

By following these guidelines, you can become a master of Guardian Ranks in Destiny 2 and enhance your Guardian’s capabilities in various activities. Good luck, Guardian!

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