Republican debate winners and losers: Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, and Mike Pence emerge from the debate with their stock rising, while Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson struggle.

The latest Republican debate was a heated affair, with the candidates trading barbs on a range of issues. Some emerged from the debate with their stock rising, while others saw their chances of winning the nomination take a hit.


  • Ron DeSantis: The governor of Florida was one of the standout performers of the debate, delivering a number of strong attacks on his opponents. He also benefited from a number of favorable questions from the moderators.
  • Ted Cruz: The senator from Texas also had a strong night, particularly on the issue of immigration. He was able to successfully portray himself as the most conservative candidate in the race.
  • Mike Pence: The former vice president was another candidate who had a good night. He was able to project an image of experience and competence, which could be important in a general election.


  • Donald Trump: The former president had a difficult night, struggling to land any significant blows on his opponents. He also made a number of gaffes, which could damage his reputation with voters.
  • Marco Rubio: The senator from Florida also had a tough night. He was repeatedly criticized by his opponents for his lack of experience and his tendency to waffle on issues.
  • Ben Carson: The retired neurosurgeon had a very quiet night, failing to make much of an impression on the audience. He may need to do more to stand out from the crowded field if he wants to stay in the race.

It is still too early to say who the real winners and losers of the debate were. However, it is clear that some candidates benefited more from the evening than others. DeSantis, Cruz, and Pence all had strong nights, while Trump, Rubio, and Carson all struggled. The next few debates will be important in determining which candidates are able to maintain their momentum and which candidates are starting to fade.

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