Embraer Legacy 600: The Ultimate Midsize Business Jet

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a midsize business jet that was first introduced in 2000. It is based on the Embraer ERJ 135 regional jet, but has been significantly modified to improve performance and comfort.

The Legacy 600 is powered by two Rolls-Royce AE 3007A1E turbofan engines, which give it a maximum range of 3,450 nautical miles (6,390 kilometers) at Mach 0.80. It can also cruise at Mach 0.82 for up to 3,050 nautical miles (5,650 kilometers).

The Legacy 600 has a luxurious cabin that can accommodate up to 13 passengers in three separate sections. The cabin is equipped with a variety of amenities, including a full-service galley, a lavatory, and a large entertainment system.

The Legacy 600 is also equipped with advanced avionics, including the Honeywell Primus 1000 integrated avionics suite. This suite provides pilots with a high level of situational awareness and helps to ensure a safe and efficient flight.

The Embraer Legacy 600 is a popular choice for corporate executives, high-net-worth individuals, and charter clients. It is the perfect aircraft for long-range travel in comfort and style.

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